Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Heart In Provence - Written by the owner of the most exquisite guest house in Provence

A Fanciful Twist - Weird, wacky and wonderful

Anzu - Beautiful blog from Notting Hill

Apartment Therapy - The daddy of blogs

Beauty Comma - Showing all the beautiful things in life

Belle Vivir - Full of chic finds

Bodie and Fou Blog - By the two stylish French women that own Bodie and Fou

Blogesteix - Chandelier maker extraordinaire Madeline Boulesteix has started a blog. She can take an old tea set and turn it into a work of art.

Bridget is Painting - Fabulous paintings by Bridget

Bueller Designs - A blog by a designer with style

Cafe Cartolina - Artist with impeccable, eclectic taste

Country French Antiques - Big, fabulous, French and funny

Decorology - This lady has a great eye for design

Decor8 - The Queen of Blogs

Design Inspiration - Blog by the owners of The Stencil Library - stylish and fun

Design Milk - Jaime permanently has her finger on the design pulse

Design Sponge - More a magazine than a blog

Design Spotter - New products added minute by minute

A Canadian and an Australian trying to inspire the world one room at a time

Dilly Dallas - Dallas Shaw artist, designer and great blogger

Fanciful Designs - A designer, artist producing the most exquisite pieces inspired by French culture

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy - The season's hottest trends translated into can-do chic looks

French Blue - Written by the owner of FrenchBlue & Co a fabulous purveyor of French Antiques

French Essence - Written by Vicki Archer the author of My French Life - a must to visit

FrenchGarden House - Chic French shabby chic style

Freshly Found - Beautiful daily finds

Hidden in France - A French woman in the US who makes me laugh on every post

Gypsy Purple - Inspiring blog, she has the Gypsy in her soul

Heal's - Yes a blog from the famous London shop

Imedagoze - A Singapore perspective on design

J de Santa Fe - Observer of the glorious contradictions which make life Interesting & Amusing.

Kathy Dalwood Studio Blog - She of concrete figurine fame. Go and peek into her studio.

Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien - Bohemien with bells on

Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosites - From France with bags of vintage chic

Liever Loves Design - Dutch-based photo site with loads of hi-res interior design & hotel images

Lucullian Delights - A veritable delight from Italy. Beautiful pictures and recipes

Mack Ink - She went away then she came back and I am SO pleased she did. Hilarious and beautiful all at the same time

Made By Girl - I think everyone in the world has one of her posters

Mirror Mirror - English woman living in Seattle who runs a website in the UK - Phew

Mocoloco - The designer's Bible

Mydeco - This blog is a must if you want to keep your finger on the design pulse

My Marrakesh - Tales from Marrakesh that transport you into another world

Normal Room - Full of homes that people want to showcase

Oh Joy - Wonderfully stylish

Palazzo Pizzo - Tales from an Italian Palazzo bringing brought back to life

Pan-Dan - Italian blogger with the best eye for a new find

Paris Breakfasts - American artist with a penchant for Paris. Wonderful paintings and informative posts every day

Paris Hotel Boutique - As she says - celebrating the glitz and glamour of a bygone era

Paris Parfait - An American in Paris who loves antiques, politics and shop windows. Go and be educated and entertained.

Pippa Jameson Interiors - Sharing her knowledge so that everyone can source and create beautiful interiors

Poppy Talk - A blog, a marketplace and a must visit

Race of Style - Thoughts and finds from a London blogger

Rochambeau - Constance Muller - designer and all round wonderful woman

Roost Living - Blog by Laura Binns owner Roost Living that ever so stylish shop

Sandra Evertson - Crafter extraordinaire, does the longest posts that hold your attention every step of the way

Savvy City Farmer - Specialises in trash and timeless thrift - but with style

Sea Angels - dreamy posts that make you want to stay awhile

SF Girl By Bay - Fabulous finds and interiors from a San Francisco Girl

So Sylvie - A woman who has seen the world and here to tell you all about it

Splendid Willow - A superb blog written by a Swedish woman living in Seattle, as she says - Edgy Classic With a Swedish Twist

Stylist's Own - Musings, inspiration and insider tips from an Interior Stylist. Also taking a look behind the scenes.

Sweetambs - Biscuit Maker extraordinaire has a blog

Swiss Miss - Informative and stylish blog by a Swiss woman living in America

The Beat That My Heart Skipped - A UK blog that interviews all the best designers, how to posts and much much more. Going to be huge.

The Paris Apartment - A woman who does so much she wears me out

The Pauper's Kitchen - My daughter Charlotte, who lives in Paris, blogs about making fabulous food from virtually nothing. Funny words with fabulous recipes.

The World According To Isa - And what a beautiful world it is.

Tongue in Cheek - The Queen of France. If you don't want to move to France after reading this then get treatment

Trouvais - Fabulous finds and images from this unique blogger

Trust Your Style - Blog by a designer who finds beautiful items to drool over

Ullabenulla - Talented and lovely person who teaches art at a Castle in the Sky

If you want to know where to go and what to do in London then this is the place to find out.

World Market Portraits - Wonderful artist who finds delights to share " target="_blank"